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Cindy Castaneda, Owner 
Many clients and followers always tell me how hard it is to keep with changes in social media and consumer behavior. I tell them, "that's what I am here for, to help you so you don't have to add stress to your life"! 

About Cast Web Design and Marketing LLC
 Get you the customers you dreamed of with a marketing plan created just for YOU with a 1,2, 3 action plan that you can use to get immediate results without stress of figure out how to attract customers.  We can have all this knowledge or expertise in our product or service but if we don't know who, how or where to sell it to, we are missing a big piece of the puzzle. I help clients to grow by giving you action steps to use based on today's trends to grow your business with customized marketing strategy, and Social Media Game Night which is a fun engaging way to learn social media by playing in a game show style online. I have graduated with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Rider University and MBA in London from Hult Business School. Working as a seasoned marketing professional in both agency and client environments, I had been highly regarded for social media marketing, event management, powerful ad campaigns and successful lead generation.
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My goal is to simplify your marketing & social media strategy so you can get back to business!!